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About le cat:

A cat … A person who isn’t threatened—not at all, to translate. Doing this for fun and also for cat food cause this cat— this person is in need for them…its for the cats—in my house.. please send cat food

  • Chapter 11
    I will start on putting the footnotes on where they belong…. the foot. //ba dum tsss// No editor૮⍝◜•⚇•◝⍝ა The other side, like a silent shadow, quietly and quickly sneaked in from the window. Wu Fei didn’t have time to hide, so he quickly touched the button beside his pillow – there was a security mechanismContinue reading “Chapter 11”
  • Chapter 10
    Translator:ListlessCat I visited the book raw site again and happened to scroll down too much that I read all the comments from the natives… there seemed to be drama going on about the book not getting update much.. and how their money is wasted…  Here I am only hoping that the author wouldn’t drop itContinue reading “Chapter 10”
  • Chapter 9
    Translator: ListlessCat Editor:nonexistent~~~~ so, rough translation aheaaaaaddddd.**intense cat stare**  Also not expecting for someone to read this so lol~~~  Similar to what Wu Fei was thinking, there are not only pens and papers but also a laptop on the desk in Shen’s Study. The laptop wasn’t turned off. You could glimpse some folders that areContinue reading “Chapter 9”
  • Chapter 8: A Cat
    Disclaimer: I am not a professional translator nor a native Chinese speaker. The translation isn’t 100% accurate—but I’ll do my best to make it as readable as possible. (Also I don’t have an editor.)  Rough draft.. but still gonna post it cauz some dragon lady is asking for it. i could edit this later…. OrContinue reading “Chapter 8: A Cat”